Here you can find out how to add the MOBIKO PWA to your home screen and what advantages it offers you.

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We dare to move away from the native mobile app and towards the MOBIKO PWA

At MOBIKO we constantly want to improve our product, which is why we are taking the step away from a native mobile app towards a new technology called Progressive Web App (PWA). The PWA no longer needs to be installed but runs via your browser and can be added to your home screen on your smartphone as you are used to with the native app – even less complicated and faster! 


Below you will find a video tutorial on how to add the new PWA to your smartphones’s home screen.

How do I add the MOBIKO PWA to my home screen?

It's that simple:

1. Copy or type the following link into your browser:

2. Add the PWA to your home screen

3. Uninstall the native MOBIKO app

Anleitung Android

Anleitung iOS

What are my benefits from switching to the PWA?

in a nutshell: